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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Watched "Changeling" last night. Never expect that I would enjoy the movie that much. What's funny is hubby didn't even recognise that the lady in that movie is actually Angelina Jolie. I just had to knock his head! (>_<)||

It claims that it is based on a a true story but I don't know about that. Changeling basically tells the story of a single mother whose son went missing in the 1920s'. She did what noone else dared to do, just to look for her son.

This movie got me thinking about a couple of things:-

1) The love of a mother, what a mother is capable of doing when her son is at stake, the sacrifices she is willing to make. She refused to give up hope even to the very last minute.

2) How 1 person can make such a big difference. We will not know what we are capable of until when we are pushed to the edge. Survival.

3) How corruption destroys innocent people's lives. This led me to thinking about the current political drama in Malaysia. How many lives have these ruthless, inhumane, selfish politicians destroyed just for the sake of their own interests? There are parts in the movie that somehow mirrored some of the things in our beloved country, just so familiar. Angelina was thrown into the asylum for no reason just because she was a threat to the authorities - ISA?

I'd highly recommend anyone to watch this. It might be boring to some, but to me, it is a great movie.

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