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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mount Miriam Hospital - Merdeka Grand Charity Raffle

Mount Miriam Hospital is now having a Merdeka Grand Charity Raffle in aid of its IGRT Fund. They are targeting to raise RM1 million through this raffle draw.

What is IGRT?
IGRT is the abbreviation for Image Guided Radiotherapy. Mount Miriam Hospital recently replaced it's 16 year old Linear Accelerator with the Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) - the most up-to-date and advanced technology in Radiation Oncology. This new IGRT machine shall further enhance their cancer treatment technique by enabling increased dosage delivery accurately to the cancer target and minimize corresponding dosage to critical organs and normal tissues.

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital
Address: 23, Jalan Bulan, Fettes Park , 11200 Tanjong Bungah Penang ,Malaysia.
Website : http://www.mountmiriam.com
Email : enquiry@mountmiriam.com
Contact Person :
Jenny : 04-893 2232 (jenny@mountmiriam.com)
Lay Khay : 04-893 2235 (laikhay@mountmiriam.com)
Keith : 04-893 2236

Each ticket costs only RM5 and you even stand a chance to win one of the sponsored prizes.

Of course, I personally feel it is not right to contribute just because there will be a lucky draw. I once read that "true charity is the desire to be useful to others without the thought of recompense or reward". Hence, regardless of whether there is something in it for us, RM5 is not too much to ask. A mere RM5 out of your pocket could just mean a less feasty meal for you, but it could mean saving a life when accumulated.

" 勿因善小而不為,勿以惡小而為之 "

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myfertilitydiary March 27, 2009 at 4:37 PM  

Ah Bii, 我来看你了,人与人的相识须要一种缘分,看见你的留言,我很冲动的打开你的部落格,虽然工作很忙碌,但我还是一篇一篇的文章把它看完了。我想感觉我们都好像没有几个朋友,除了上班下班我们的朋友就是自己的老公了,偶尔我也在想如果我是我老公,我一定会选一个比这个好千倍的老婆,没有样貌,没有身材,不会生孩子又不会赚钱。。。仿佛我就是这个世界上最糟透的人了。自己想自己哭。。是不是很无聊?不孕有谁会想要呢?转眼之间我也等了5年。。。有人问我,不孕5年会不会已经习惯了?我不要习惯。。。每次去看医生我的心是揪在一团的,眼眶永远都是成着眼泪的。


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