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Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Look

I spent the whole of last night to revamp my blog. I wanted to give it a fresh new look. Worked until late midnight and taa-daa! Now you're looking at my blog's new look! ^_^

Originally, I started blogging when I slumped into depression few years back. I needed a space to let out my frustrations, anger and misery caused by my infertility problems. Then I stopped because I just couldn't continue writing about my despair anymore. It hurts too much and I'm tired of feeling sad and incomplete all the time.

Late last year, a few friends started blogging about their kids. I envy them because I have no such stories to share. My blog was only filled with sorrow. Then I started this new blog because I wanted a new start. As I blogged, I am blessed with words of encouragement and support from good friends. A good friend started to share positive articles with me and slowly I'm uplifted from the gloom.

And so, I changed my blog name some time ago, to keep reminding myself to "dance even when I'm in the rain". This will be the place I share the stories about my quest to motherhood. This will be the place I want to share not only my sorrow, but about my happiness, my love, my life, my friends.

Some wonder why I do not post up my pic and details. I am not ready to publicly disclose my identity yet. Not until my miracle baby arrives. I need to protect myself and I have the obligations to protect my hubby and my family. My health problem remains a secret to most family members, especially my in-laws. I do not want them to stumble upon my blog while surfing on the web. I am still hoping that my in-laws will not have to find out about this - ever.

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