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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Motto, New Journey

I changed my blog title to "Dancing in the Rain". I guess there has been changes to my mentality recently. I'm tired of sulking, tired of being sad. So now, I've decided to learn to embrace what I have now, whether it's happiness or sadness. I've decided to learn to dance in the rain, to enjoy life even when life is not perfect! Who's is anyway! :-)

Like a friend said: "It's all in your mind." We decide whether we want to be happy or not. So why do I have to keep punishing myself for something that is obviously not my fault? There is more to life than this. My mission in life should not be limited to this only, my goals should not be limited to fulfilling other people's wants!

Not to say that I do not want a child of my own. I DO! I envy people with children to love, I envy their 'complete' families, I envy friends with babies whom they can endlessly brag about. I might do the same if I have babies. If I'm blessed with a child in the future, that will be my miracle gift that I will be ever so thankful for! If I'm destined to be childless, life goes on! Crying, sulking, blaming God, being angry will not help make my life any better, it will only make me miserable than ever!

Wish me luck in this new journey I've chosen to embark on!

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